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Publisert sept–nov 2019
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Pet memoirs: The characteristics of event memories in cats and dogs, as reported by their owners

You can’t see, when I do: A study on social attention in guide dogs

Separation-related behaviour indicates the effect of functional breed selection in dogs (Canis familiaris)

The effects of human attentional state on canine gazing behaviour: a comparison of free-ranging, shelter, and pet dogs

Impact of Socio-Economic Status on Accessibility of Dog Training Classes

The Welfare of Pig-Hunting Dogs in Australia 

Improving the Health of Teeth in Cats and Dogs with Live Probiotic Bacteria 

The tail wagging the dog: positive attitude towards livestock guarding dogs do not mitigate pastoralists’ opinions of wolves or grizzly bears

Who Is Rescuing Whom?

Effect of a Standardized Four-Week Desensitization and Counter-Conditioning Training Program on Pre-Existing Veterinary Fear in Companion Dogs

Improving canine welfare in commercial breeding (CB) operations: Evaluating rehoming candidates

Body weight at 10 years of age and change in body composition between 8 and 10 years of age were related to survival in a longitudinal study of 39 Labrador retriever dogs

Effectiveness of imepitoin for the control of anxiety and fear associated with noise phobia in dogs

Metabolisable energy intake and growth of privately owned growing dogs in comparison with official recommendations on the growth curve and energy supply

Evidence for Early European Neolithic Dog Dispersal: New Data on Southeastern European Subfossil Dogs from the Prehistoric and Antiquity Ages

The effects of human attentional state on canine gazing behaviour: a comparison of free-ranging, shelter, and pet dogs

People’s perception of brachycephalic breeds and breed-related welfare problems in Germany

Demographics and comorbidity of behavior problems in dogs

Pediatric Dog Bite Prevention. Are We Barking Up the Wrong Tree or Just Not Barking Loud Enough?

Significant Neuroanatomical Variation Among Domestic Dog Breeds

Prepubertal neutering in cats and dogs

Veterinary Students’ Beliefs About Animal Sentience: What Role Does Gender Play? 

Refining canine welfare assessment in kennels: evaluating the reliability of Field Instantaneous Dog Observation (FIDO) scoring

Wolf-like or dog-like? A comparison of gazing behaviour across three dog breeds tested in their familiar environments

Physiological stress reactivity and recovery related to behavioral traits in dogs (Canis familiaris)

Birth weight as a risk factor for neonatal mortality: Breed-specific approach to identify at-risk puppies

Quantification of the health-status of the Dutch Labrador retriever population

Illusory contour perception in domestic dogs

Inbreeding depression causes reduced fecundity in Golden Retrievers

Working Smarter not Harder: Oxytocin Increases Domestic Dogs’ (Canis familiaris) Accuracy, but not Attempts, on an Object Choice Task

Inside a mystery of oncoscience: The cancer-sniffing pets

Effectiveness of the dog therapy for patients with dementia – a systematic review

Carrots versus sticks: The relationship between training methods and dog-owner attachment

Compatibility between Humans and Their Dogs: Benefits for Both

Investigating the Role of Prolactin as a Potential Biomarker of Stress in Castrated Male Domestic Dogs

The impact of incorrectly recorded parentage on inferred genotypes over multiple generations

West Highland White Terriers under primary veterinary care in the UK in 2016: demography, mortality and disorders

Local Dot Motion, Not Global Configuration, Determines Dogs’ Preference for Point-Light Displays

Could Greater Time Spent Displaying Waking Inactivity in the Home Environment Be a Marker for a Depression-Like State in the Domestic Dog?

Improving the Welfare of Companion Dogs—Is Owner Education the Solution?

Significant neuroanatomical variation among domestic dog breeds

Fear/Reactivity in working dogs: an analysis of 37 years of behavioural data from the Mira Foundation’s future service dogs