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Publisert mars–mai 2018
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Hans Selye (1907–1982): Founder of the stress theory

Catestatin, vasostatin, cortisol, and visual analog scale scoring for stress assessment in healthy dogs

Personality traits affecting judgement bias task performance in dogs (Canis familiaris)

Fatal dog attacks in Spain under a breed-specific legislation: A ten-year retrospective study

Factors Associated With Bites to a Child From a Dog Living in the Same Home: A Bi-National Comparison

A Proof of Concept: Are Detection Dogs a Useful Tool to Verify Potential Biomarkers for Lung Cancer?

Development and Application of the Lincoln Adherence Instrument Record for Assessing Client Adherence to Advice in Dog Behavior Consultations and Success

When the Nose Doesn’t Know: Canine Olfactory Function Associated With Health, Management, and Potential Links to Microbiota

Pet dogs’ behavior when the owner and an unfamiliar person attend to a faux rival

Preliminary assessment of cognitive impairments in canine idiopathic epilepsy

Dog Population & Dog Sheltering Trends in the United States of America

Socio-Economic Factors in Companion Animal Relinquishment on the Sunshine Coast, Australia

Coat Color of Shelter Dogs and Its Role in Dog Adoption

Anthropogenic Food Subsidy to a Commensal Carnivore: The Value and Supply of Human Faeces in the Diet of Free-Ranging Dogs

The Influence of Materialism on Purebred Dogs’ Welfare Among Two Different Generations in Colombia (South America)

Dog and Cat Interactions in a Remote Aboriginal Community

Livestock guarding behaviour of Kangal dogs in their native habitat

Evidence of negative affective state in Cavalier King Charles Spaniels with syringomyelia

Sex, skull length, breed, and age predict how dogs look at faces of humans and conspecifics

The importance of early life experiences for the development of behavioural disorders in domestic dogs

The nose may not know: Dogs’ reactions to rattlesnake odours

Study of aggressiveness in livestock guarding dogs based on rearing method

Electronic training devices: discussion on the pros and cons of their use in dogs as a basis for the position statement of the European Society of Veterinary Clinical Ethology (ESVCE)

Tail Chasing in a Dog With Brain Atrophy: a Case Report

Attitude toward nonhuman animals and their welfare: Do behaviorists differ from other veterinarians?

A preliminary investigation into personality and pain in dogs

The companion dog as a model for human aging and mortality

Emotional eating in companion dogs: owners’ perception and relation with feeding habits, eating behavior and emotional state

MKLN1 splicing defect in dogs with lethal acrodermatitis

Factors Influencing Time to Adoption for Dogs in a Provincial Shelter System in Canada

Effect of Visitor Perspective on Adoption Decisions at One Animal Shelter

Social behaviour of domestic dogs (Canis familiaris) in a public off-leash dog park

Puppy socialization practices of a sample of dog owners from across Canada and the United States

Development and validation of the Canine Reward Responsiveness Scale –Examining individual differences in reward responsiveness of the domestic dog

Human-animal interaction as a social determinant of health: descriptive findings from the health and retirement study

Petting away pre-exam stress: The effect of therapy dog sessions on student well-being

Mammalian carnivore occupancy is inversely related to presence of domestic dogs in the high Andes of Ecuador

Parabens and Their Metabolites in Pet Food and Urine from New York State, United States

Impulsivity and Behaviour Problems in Dogs: A Reinforcement Sensitivity Theory Perspective

Can you spare 15 minutes? The measurable positive impact of a 15-minute petting session on shelter dog well-being

A ball is not a Kong: Odor representation and search behavior in domestic dogs (Canis familiaris) of different education

‘Who’s a good boy?!’ Dogs prefer naturalistic dog-directed speech

The existence of parenting styles in the owner-dog relationship

Aggression Toward Familiar People, Strangers, and Conspecifics in Gonadectomized and Intact Dogs

Negative effects of epilepsy and antiepileptic drugs on the trainability of dogs with naturally occurring idiopathic epilepsy