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Publisert mai–juli 2018
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Behavioral Nutraceuticals and Diets

Advances in Behavioral Psychopharmacology

Social learning from conspecifics and humans in dog puppies

Questionnaire survey on the use of different e-collar types in France in everyday life with a view to providing recommendations for possible future regulations

Functional analysis and treatment of problem behavior in 3 animal shelter dogs

A new approach to understanding canine social cognition

Would dogs copy irrelevant actions from their human caregiver?

The effect of domestication on post-conflict management: wolves reconcile while dogs avoid each other

Gastrointestinal disorders and diet

The effect of experience and of dots’ density and duration on the detection of coherent motion in dogs

Consumer attitude toward the environmental sustainability of grain-free pet foods

Cross-species referential signalling events in domestic dogs (Canis familiaris)

Heart Rate and Heart Rate Variability during Sleep in Family Dogs (Canis familiaris). Moderate Effect of Pre-Sleep Emotions

A comprehensive overview on stress neurobiology: basic concepts and clinical implications

Orienting asymmetries and physiological reactivity in dogs’ response to human emotional faces

French bulldogs now the UK’s top breed

Peak forelimb ground reaction forces experienced by dogs jumping from a simulated car boot

Infants’ daily experience with pets and their scanning of animal faces

The behaviour of overweight dogs shows similarity with personality traits of overweight humans

Barriers to the adoption of humane dog training methods

Investigating jealous behaviour in dogs

Presence and lasting effect of social referencing in dog puppies

Drawing the line in clinical treatment of companion animals: recommendations from an ethics working party

Defining and Clarifying the Terms Canine Possessive Aggression and Resource Guarding: A Study of Expert Opinion

An Evaluation of Scent-discriminating Canines for Rapid Response to Agricultural Diseases

When fed foods with similar palatability, healthy adult dogs and cats choose different macronutrient compositions

Ability of the Public to Recognize Dogs Considered to Be Dangerous under the Dangerous Dogs Act in the United Kingdom

The effects of past training, experience, and human behaviour on a dog’s persistence at an independent task

Dog behavior in the Ainsworth Strange Situation Test during separation from the owner and from the cohabitant dog

Problem solving games as a tool to increase the well-being in boarding kennel dogs

A case of thunderstorm phobia in a Maremma sheepdog

A review on the effects of sensory stimulation in shelter dogs

The use of nutraceuticals in the behavioral medicine of the dog: preliminary results

Companion and free-ranging Bali dogs: Environmental links with personality traits in an endemic dog population of South East Asia

Better Lives for Dogs: Incorporating Human Behaviour Change Into a Theory of Change to Improve Canine Welfare Worldwide

Behavior Differences Between Search-and-Rescue and Pet Dogs

Dogs in the criminal justice system: Consideration of facility and therapy dogs

Preliminary assessment of cognitive impairments in canine idiopathic epilepsy

Protectors, Aggressors, and Kinfolk: Dogs in a Tribal Community

Movement and home range of owned free-roaming male dogs in Puerto Natales, Chile

My Dog Is Not My Cat: Owner Perception of the Personalities of Dogs and Cats Living in the Same Household

Impulsivity and behaviour problems in dogs: A Reinforcement Sensitivity Theory perspective

A spatial discounting test to assess impulsivity in dogs

The function of play bows in Canis lupus and its variants: a comparison of dingo (Canis lupus dingo), dog (Canis lupus familiaris) and wolf puppies (Canis lupus)

The effect of age, sex and gonadectomy on dogs’ use of spatial navigation strategies

The behavioural effects of olfactory stimulation on dogs at a rescue shelter

Reinforcer effectiveness in dogs—The influence of quantity and quality

Differences in pre-sleep activity and sleep location are associated with variability in daytime/nighttime sleep electrophysiology in the domestic dog

Behavioral synchronization and affiliation: Dogs exhibit human-like skills

Protectors, Aggressors, and Kinfolk: Dogs in a Tribal Community

Dog Pups’ Attractiveness to Humans Peaks at Weaning Age

An Exploratory Study of Domestic Violence: Perpetrators’ Reports of Violence Against Animals

Self-disclosure with Dogs: Dog Owners’ and Non-dog Owners’ Willingness to Disclose Emotional Topics

Literature review: canine cognitive dysfunction

Demography and disorders of the French Bulldog population under primary veterinary care in the UK in 2013

Behavioural risks in male dogs with minimal lifetime exposure to gonadal hormones may complicate population-control benefits of desexing

Is clicker training (Clicker + food) better than food-only training for novice companion dogs and their owners?

The behavioural effects of olfactory stimulation on dogs at a rescue shelter

Functions of pointing by humans, and dogs’ responses, during dog-human play between familiar and unfamiliar players

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