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Publisert juli–september 2018
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Sist oppdatert 29.09.2018.

Effect of age on discrimination learning, reversal learning, and cognitive bias in family dogs

Maintaining performance in searching dogs: Evidence from a rat model that training to detect a second (irrelevant) stimulus can maintain search and detection responding

The Effects of a Therapy Dog on the Blood Pressure and Heart Rate of Older Residents in a Nursing Home

Fear vs. frustration – possible factors behind canine separation related behaviour

“We Always Hurt the Things We Love”—Unnoticed Abuse of Companion Animals

Assessing individual performance and maintaining breath sample integrity in biomedical detection dogs

Changes in sexual hormones, serotonin, and cortisol concentrations following oral administration of melatonin in castrated and intact dogs

Serum oxytocin and lipid levels of dogs with maternal cannibalism

Identifying and Resolving End of Session Cues in Substance Detection Canine Training

Incidence of dogs jumping on household members upon entering their home in comparison with holding food

Factors associated with long-term success in working police dogs

The effects of green odour on domestic dogs: A pilot study

Behavioral and Perceptual Differences between Sexes in Dogs: An Overview

The Responsibility of Veterinarians to Address Companion Animal Obesity

Demographic Change Across the Lifespan of Pet Dogs and Their Impact on Health Status

Inequity aversion in dogs: a review

Birds and Dogs: Toward a Comparative Perspective on Odor Use and Detection

Cage size affects comfort, safety and the experienced security of working dogs in cars

Using the mini C-BARQ to investigate the effects of puppy farming on dog behaviour

Movement and home range of owned free-roaming male dogs in Puerto Natales, Chile

Red fox genome assembly identifies genomic regions associated with tame and aggressive behaviours

Do dogs exhibit jealous behaviors when their owner attends to their companion dog?

Urine marking in male domestic dogs: honest or dishonest?

Communication in Dogs

Similarity between an unfamiliar human and the owner affects dogs’ preference for human partner when responding to an unsolvable problem

Timmy’s in the well: Empathy and prosocial helping in dogs

Effect of auditory stimulation during early development in puppy testing of future police working dogs

Owner reported sensory impairments affect behavioural signs associated with cognitive decline in dogs

Mortality resulting from undesirable behaviours in dogs aged under three years attending primary-care veterinary practices in England

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