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Publisert desember 2017–februar 2018
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Cognitive dysfunction in naturally occurring canine idiopathic epilepsy

White Collies, Beauty or Genetic Defect, Regulation and Breeding, 1870–2013

Evidence of longer life; a cohort of 39 labrador retrievers

Influence of Maternal Care on Behavioural Development of Domestic Dogs (Canis Familiaris) Living in a Home Environment

Associations between owner personality and psychological status and the prevalence of canine behavior problems

How Japanese companion dog and cat owners’ degree of attachment relates to the attribution of emotions to their animals

Studies of modern Italian dog populations reveal multiple patterns for domestic breed evolution

Identifying signals that may indicate distress

Military Veterans and Service Dogs: A Qualitative Inquiry Using Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis

Evaluating the Influence of the Presence of a Dog on Bias toward Individuals with Overweight and Obesity

Successful Aging, Social Support, and Ownership of a Companion Animal

Can dogs use vocal intonation as a social referencing cue in an object choice task?

The power of support from companion animals for people living with mental health problems: a systematic review and narrative synthesis of the evidence

Human Love Styles and Attitudes toward Pets

The Impact of Excluding Food Guarding from a Standardized Behavioral Canine Assessment in Animal Shelters

Pediatric dog bites: a population-based profile

Noise sensitivities in dogs: an exploration of signs in dogs with and without musculoskeletal pain using qualitative content analysis

Gait abnormalities in brachycephalic breeds: should we be more concerned?

A new look at an old dog: Bonn-Oberkassel reconsidered

Stability of motor bias in the domestic dog, Canis familiaris

Utilising dog-computer interactions to provide mental stimulation in dogs especially during ageing

Investigation of the Role of Campylobacter Infection in Suspected Acute Polyradiculoneuritis in Dogs

How many people have been bitten by dogs? A cross-sectional survey of prevalence, incidence and factors associated with dog bites in a UK community

The effects of kennel size and exercise on the behaviour and stress physiology of individually-housed greyhounds

A case for methodological overhaul and increased study of executive function in the domestic dog (Canis lupus familiaris)

Factors associated with dog behavior problems referred to a behavior clinic

Assessing the relative importance of health and conformation traits in the cavalier king Charles spaniel

Population survey and management strategies of free-roaming dogs (Canis familiaris) on Saipan, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands

Sociability modifies dogs’ sensitivity to biological motion of different social relevance

Cognitive enhancement in old dogs from dietary supplementation with a nutrient blend containing arginine, antioxidants, B vitamins and fish oil.

A spatial discounting test to assess impulsivity in dogs

Lateralized behavior and cardiac activity of dogs in response to human emotional vocalizations

The paradox of canine conspecific coprophagy

Zoonotic bacteria and parasites found in raw meat-based diets for cats and dogs

The “olfactory mirror” and other recent attempts to demonstrate self-recognition in non-primate species

Follow-up surveys of people who have adopted dogs and cats from an Australian shelter

Neural processes of vocal social perception: Dog-human comparative fMRI studies

Mouth-licking by dogs as a response to emotional stimuli

The effects of exercise and calm interactions on in-kennel behavior of shelter dogs