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Publisert april–juni 2019
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What can we learn from the hair of the dog? Complex effects of endogenous and exogenous stressors on canine hair cortisol

The physiological function of oxytocin in humans and its acute response to human-dog interactions: A review of the literature

Demographics and comorbidity of behavior problems in dogs

Epidemiological characterization of bites: A retrospective study of dog bites to humans in Chile during 2009

Testing ovarian cancer cell lines to train dogs to detect ovarian cancer from blood plasma: A pilot study

Association between puppy classes and adulthood behavior of the dog

Does the cognitive bias test in dogs depend on spatial learning?

“Getting Rid of the Dog”: Adult Recall of a Childhood Experience

Does socio-ecology drive differences in alertness between wolves and dogs when resting?

Motoric self-regulation by sled dogs and pet dogs and the acute effect of carbohydrate source in sled dogs

Comparing interspecific socio-communicative skills of socialized juvenile dogs and miniature pigs

Pet Loss: Understanding Disenfranchised Grief, Memorial Use, and Posttraumatic Growth

Does Viewing a Picture of a Pet During a Mental Arithmetic Task Lower Stress Levels?

Low-Ability Secondary School Students Show Emotional, Motivational, and Performance Benefits when Reading to a Dog Versus a Teacher

A Longitudinal Study of Decision Making in the Process of Acquiring a Dog

We Are Family: Viewing Pets as Family Members Improves Wellbeing

Breed Group Effects on Complaints about Canine Welfare Made to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) Queensland, Australia

Effects of a Nutritional Supplement on Cognitive Function in Aged Dogs and on Synaptic Function of Primary Cultured Neurons

When the nose knows: ontogenetic changes in detection dogs’ (Canis familiaris) responsiveness to social and olfactory cues

Randomized Cross-Over Trial Comparing the Effect of Intramuscular Versus Intranasal Naloxone Reversal of Intravenous Fentanyl on Odor Detection in Working Dogs

Evolution of facial muscle anatomy in dogs

Dogs’ sensitivity to strange pup separation calls: pitch instability increases attention regardless of sex and experience

Efficacy of fluoxetine for canine behavioral disorders

Behavioural correlations of the domestication syndrome are decoupled in modern dog breeds

H3N8 and H3N2 Canine Influenza Viruses: Understanding These New Viruses in Dogs

Functional cerebral asymmetry in dogs living under different environmental conditions

What Factors Really Influence Domestic Dogs’ (Canis familiaris) Search for an Item Dropped Down a Diagonal Tube? The Tubes Task Revisited

Scavengers can be choosers: A study on food preference in free-ranging dogs

Effects of breed group and development on dogs’ willingness to follow a human misleading advice

Welfare Assessment in Shelter Dogs by Using Physiological and Immunological Parameters

Insights about the Epidemiology of Dog Bites in a Canadian City Using a Dog Aggression Scale and Administrative Data

Behavioural correlations of the domestication syndrome are decoupled in modern dog breeds

The dog (Canis familiaris) as part of the family: a pilot study on the analysis of dog bond to all the owners.

Young Children’s Interpretation of Dogs’ Emotions and Their Intentions to Approach Happy, Angry, and Frightened Dogs

Evidence of large genetic influences on dog ownership in the Swedish Twin Registry has implications for understanding domestication and health associations

A Systematic Scoping Review: What is the Risk from Child-Dog Interactions to Dog Quality of Life?

Distributed cognition criteria: Defined, operationalized, and applied to human-dog systems

Enrichment Centered on Human Interaction Moderates Fear-Induced Aggression and Increases Positive Expectancy in Fearful Shelter Dogs

The Translation and Validation of the Dutch Monash Dog–Owner Relationship Scale (MDORS)

Population Structure Analysis of the Border Collie Dog Breed in Hungary

A modified combined C-BARQ and QoL for both the companion dog and its owner. An embryo to a companion dog welfare assessment?

Japanese version of the Dog Personality Scale: Reliability and validity based on owner and dog instructor evaluation and behavioral observation

Baseline and postprandial concentrations of cortisol and ghrelin in companion dogs with chronic stress-related behavioural problems: A preliminary study

Effect of high levels of background noise on dog responses to a routine physical examination in a veterinary setting

Impact of Dog Transport on High-Risk Infectious Diseases

The IAABC Journal, spring 2019